Why You Shouldn’t Brake Check Drivers

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Have you ever noticed anyone brake check another driver while on the highways of San Antonio, Texas? Here at Sanford Auto Service, we have seen our fair share of brake checking victims and perpetrators. While you may feel that some people deserve to be checked for how close they are tailing you, there are at least five reasons you should never do it.

1. Risk to Yourself

Brake checking puts you at unnecessary risk. If the driver behind you doesn’t notice your brake lights in time, then they will slam into the back of your car. This collision can result in not only harm to your vehicle but an injury to you. Many drivers who felt the need to check someone else wound up in the hospital, and it is not that far fetched to think they can end up in the morgue.

2. Risk to Others

Just as this practice is dangerous for you, it is also dangerous for others, not to mention the tailgater. A resulting collision can impact innocent bystanders. For example, when you slam on your brakes, it results in a chain reaction that causes not only the tailgater to slam into you but other drivers to slam into the tailgater.

3. Possible Retaliation

If you are lucky and only you and the other driver are involved, then brake checking can result in further road rage and retaliation. It is not uncommon for a brake check victim to get into car chases and violent fights.

4. Increased Liability

Also, don’t assume that you have the right to brake in the middle of the road suddenly. When you get your license, you are agreeing to a social contract, which means that you agree to drive responsibly and not knowingly put anyone else at risk. Brake checking is a direct violation of that social contract.

5. Legal Trouble

Also, it is necessary to point out that brake checking is technically illegal in most communities and states. Therefore, don’t assume that you can argue the other driver was following too close.
Has your vehicle sustained damage because of a brake checking incident? If not, are you in need of a tune-up or other scheduled maintenance? If so, contact Sanford Auto Service to schedule an appointment.

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